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Learn how to find and screen stocks

The explore page provide a continous list of stocks. Use this interface map and the numbered sections below to familiarize yourself.

1. Stock Summary

The stock summary provides a quick summary of the stock

  • Ticker: The stock ticker and the country of exchange
  • Price: The last closing price of the stock
  • Change: The daily change in the stock price at market close
  • Value: The maximum estimated value of the stock
  • Margin of Safety: The discount to value of the stock
2. Favorites

Click the favorites icon to add or remove a stock from your favorites list

3. Stock Analysis

Click the stock name to access complete stock analysis

4. Stock Screener

Click the filter button to access the stock screener

  1. Market: The country of the stock exchange
  2. Market Cap
    • Small: Up to 2B
    • Mid: 2B to 10B
    • Large: 10B and over
  3. Margin of Safety: The minimum discount to value of the stock
  4. Undervalued Earnings: The stock is undervalued based on earnings value
  5. Franchise Growth: The stock has franchise growth
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