Find your way around

Learn the main features and navigation

New to VIQI? Use this interface map and the numbered sections below to familiarize yourself with the main tools and controls.

The links at the top of every page give you access to the key tools available in VIQI.

  • Explore: Find and screen stocks
  • Favorites: Shows stocks you have added to your favorites
  • Portfolios: Manage your portfolios
  • Trending: View stocks that others people have viewed in the last 14 days
  • Recent: View recently viewed stocks
  • Subscriptions: Manage your subscriptions

Use the search box to quickly find a specific stock

  1. Type the first few letters of a stock ticker
  2. Click on the desired stock from the displayed search results to access the stock analysis
3. VIQI account

Click the account button to manage your VIQI account, and to sign out of your account.

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